Alumni Affairs

The William & Mary Law Review values the contributions of its members, both present and past. By facilitating communication between the alumni and current staff, the Communications Editor works to ensure that former Review members have a continuing stake in the publication's process.

Alumni Newsletter

Every spring, the Editor-in-Chief publishes a newsletter detailing items of interest from that year's Law Review. Features include Article and student Note information, profiles of notable Law Review alumni, symposium highlights, perspectives from current staff members, and updates on life at the law school.

Guest contributions are always welcome. If you are interested in sharing your post-William & Mary experiences or photos in the upcoming newsletter, or would like subscription information, please contact our Executive Board.

Volume 57 Alumni Newsletter 2015-2016

Volume 56 Alumni Newsletter 2014-2015

Volume 55 Alumni Newsletter 2013-2014

Volume 54 Alumni Newsletter 2012-2013

Volume 53 Alumni Newsletter 2011-2012

Volume 52 Alumni Newsletter 2010-2011

Volume 51 Alumni Newsletter 2009-2010

Volume 50 Alumni Newsletter 2008-2009